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Our Services Reliable, Anywhere in the world

Over 200 service team members work to ensure optimum quality in-line with international quality standards throughout the entire JUNKER Group.  This is accomplished by ensuring that every individual service team member is carefully selected and intensively trained regardless of whether they work in a JUNKER location, a service center or for one of our service partners. This provides the solid guarantee of Premium Service to the highest standard of quality.

Our Premium Service is here to help you around the clock, anywhere in the world.  Trained specialists are ready to work with you in your native language – on every continent around the globe.


Service-Hotline JUNKER

+49 (0)7838 84 247


Support & Optimization

JUNKER’s proactive service opens up future perspectives.  By optimizing an existing plant, the Support and Optimization Service Division sets out to provide in-depth, individual advice to ensure your needs are met.

Productivity assurance

  • Availability: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


  • Optimum technical installation and set-up

Service-Hotline LTA

+49 (0)7838 84 181



The JUNKER Maintenance Division ensures that your JUNKER machines maintain maximum production and availability.


  • Competent, reliable JUNKER service technicians are there when you need them, all over the world

Spare and wear parts

  • Rapid repairs are possible through the local availability of readyto-use service parts


  • Rapid online and phone support from trained experts
  • Analysis of extensive machine data records

Spindle repairs

Defective grinding spindle? No worries: The JUNKER spindle repair service can have your defective spindle back up and running within 48 hours, including warranty.


Rapid set-up, safe operation, efficient production.  Special training sessions for operators, programmers, maintenance staff and the customer’s own servicing personnel are available through our Training Service Division.  Training courses are led by our committed, highly experienced team in our service centers around the world, or if you prefer, on your own premises.

Production assistance

  • A fast, calculable way to bridge machine operator absences
  • Experienced JUNKER professionals provide the assurance of quality and production

Logistics consulting and service

  • Material and end product logistic solutions save time and reduce costs
  • A professional service to transport and store machines provides the assurance of maximum safety

Wartung, Reinigung und Ersatzteile

LTA Lufttechnik wartet und reinigt Ihre Filtrationssysteme. Dabei werden die Wartungen mit festgelegten Intervallen oder nach Bedarf durchgeführt. Es werden sämtliche mechanische und elektrische Filterelemente auf eventuelle Beschädigungen überprüft. Des Weiteren werden auch die Anbauteile sowie Sicherheitseinrichtungen kontrolliert. Eine Funktionsprüfung und Inbetriebnahme mit Prüfprotokoll ist für uns selbstverständlich. Sämtliche Reinigungen der Filtereinschübe werden mit schonenden Verfahren für das Material durchgeführt.

Ihre Vorteile durch die LTA Wartung & Reinigung:

  • Nachweisbarer Umweltschutz bzw. Instandhaltung
  • Geringer Verschleiß
  • Entlastung des eigenen Personals


Enhance the availability of your grinding machine with our extensive RETROFIT portfolio:

Renovation and overhaul

  • By renovating or completely overhauling your existing grinding machine, you can maintain or even increase its value. We offer reliability and the highest level of certified quality at an optimum cost-to-performance ratio.

Retrofitting and upgrading

  • Yesterday’s grinding machine could soon be fit for the future.  JUNKER’s Retrofit Division can rejuvenate your older model and make it almost as good as new.


  • Extend your product range by retooling your current equipment.  Retooling will help drive down costs and optimize your competitive advantage.

Pre-owned Machines

The Pre-Owned Machines Service Division offers second-hand machines, maintenance agreements and extended warranties.  Let our in-depth individual advice form the foundation for your success.

  • Simple acquisition of retrofitted or retooled preowned machines
  • Top quality the second time around